On this page, you will find free applications developed by us. By clicking onto the program's name, you may gather further information. To download a file, simply click on the disk symbol.

The files are available in a compressed file format (ZIP or RAR archive). To extract the files, we suggest to use a program like PowerArchiver (a free trial version can be downloaded from the aforementioned homepage).

Programs marked with a little star (*) need the Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Runtime which is not included because of its size. You can download it from the Microsoft homepage if you have not already installed it.

Language Name Screenshot Description Size (KB) Version Date Download

AnalogClock Show detailed information Analog clock 85 1.0 14.08.2001 Download this file

BmpToRaw Show detailed information Converts bitmaps to RAW-files for Tomb Raider 182 3.0 11.01.2003 Download this file
Chip8 Emulator by Holger Meisel for the Chip8-VM 85 0.99 11.06.2005 Download this file
DigitalClock Show detailed information Digital clock 34 1.0 07.05.2003 Download this file
FileSplitter Show detailed information Divides files into smaller ones 72 1.0 29.06.2003 Download this file

Flight Assistant Show detailed information Voice control for flight simulations 1.213 2.2 22.11.2003 Download this file
MyEasyBackup Show detailed information Easy-to-use backup utility using the command line 16 1.4.3 13.12.2005 Download this file

Show detailed information Reminder 2.100 Deluxe (11.1) 14.11.2011 Download this file
Flight Assistant Show detailed information Simple encryption tool 17 1.0 03.09.2003 Download this file