Flight Assistant 2

Screenshot: Flight Assistant Our Flight Assistant 2, the successor of the popular FS 2002 FA, is a program which provides a virtual co-pilot for people who like flight simulations. You are able to give commands using a microphone connected to the computer, which the co-pilot will execute then.

An example for such a command could be "flaps down". When you speak this command into your microphone, the Flight Assistant will automatically extend the flaps! The Flight Assistant does also reply to your commands acoustically. Especially in very difficult parts of the flight, for example the approach, a tool like the Flight Assistant is almost indispensable.

The program is nearly completely configurable. You may create your own commands; the Assistant's spoken response and the key-code, which is send after the recognition of a command, can be defined freely.

Flight Assistant works with every flight simulation for Microsoft Windows 98/2000/NT/ME/XP. However, there are some system requirements:

Programmed by Timm Linder. Note: The registration code for FSUIPC 3 is 25SDJM13F6N6.

Download Flight Assistant 2