Screenshot: SpaceBusters SpaceBusters is an exciting 2D space shooter with the aim of getting the highest possible score by collecting energy crystals that power your ship.

During a journey of mishaps, you will soon encouter dangerous asteroids which are a threat to your sophisticated starship. Fortunately, you may make use of some very powerful weapons like the plasma torpedoes or a laser cannon. However, everytime you collide with one of those asteroids, you lose one life, until your ship finally has been destroyed. If your score is high enough, it is recorded in a highscore table, and of course, you may give it another try to improve your scores.

Technically, SpaceBusters is based on the newest standards. By using the Microsoft DirectX technology, a smooth and stable game-play can be guaranteed.

Screenshot: SpaceBusters Besides the modern graphics, SpaceBusters does also contain an exciting sound track. Moreover, the game supports the so-called "mods" (modifications), which allow you to change the in-game graphics completely. For example, you might convert the journey in space to a race on the sea... have a look at our "Levels, maps and modifications" section for more information.

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