Maps, levels & modifications

In this category, you will find maps, levels and mods designed by us for various well-known games. Some files provide a more detailed description which can be shown by clicking onto their name. To download a file, simply click on the disk symbol.

The files are available in a compressed file format (ZIP or RAR archive). To extract the files, we suggest to use a program like PowerArchiver (a free trial version can be downloaded from the aforementioned homepage).

Language Name Screenshot Description Size (KB) Version Date Download
Age of Mythology
The Last Resort Single-player map with many exciting happenings in the underworld 74 1.0 09.03.2003 Download this file
The Phoenix Single-player map: Rescue the bird Phoenix and destroy the temple! 122 1.0 24.12.2002 Download this file
Troja's Rescue Single-player map: Rescue the old town of Troja! 94 1.0 07.12.2002 Download this file

Command & Conquer 3

5 Isles Single- and multi-player map for up to 4 players consisting of 5 islands 79 1.0 22.07.2002 Download this file
IceStorm Mod Modification for C&C3 Firestorm with new units and buildings, e.g. a nuclear power station 86 1.0 25.07.2002 Download this file

Tiberian Field Single- and multi-player map for up to 4 players, high amount of tiberium 109 1.0 22.07.2002 Download this file

Grand Theft Auto

Phantom City Map for GTA with 2 secrets and many interesting items 92 1.0 14.04.2002 Download this file

Water City GTA map which takes place on an island with many interesting things to discover 7 1.0 07.04.2002 Download this file


Autobahn Mod New graphics for our 2D space shooter SpaceBusters: Enjoy a turbulent race on a motorway! 250 1.0 26.07.2002 Download this file

Space Mod New space graphics for SpaceBusters 313 1.0 26.07.2002 Download this file

Map Pak 5 different multi-player maps 273 1.0 17.10.2002 Download this file

STAR TREK Starfleet Command
Mission Pak 5 multi-player maps 31 1.0 20.07.2002 Download this file
New Adventures 5 different single-player maps with black holes, nebulas and much more 32 1.0 20.07.2002 Download this file

STAR TREK Voyager Elite Force

Alpha Station Map for 4 to 6 players with bot support in "Delta Station" style, includes some secrets 1.253 1.1 24.02.2003 Download this file

Delta Station Remake 2 new remakes of the "Delta Station" map with new weapons and turrets 2.886 1.0 09.03.2003 Download this file

Tomb Raider (Level Editor)
A Night At The Opera Professional Tomb Raider level with impressive lighting effects 2.019 1.0 09.09.2002 Download this file
Knights Of The Cross
Exciting action in Venice and an Egyptian museum 6.065 1.0 08.09.2002 Download this file
Search In Venice Exciting Tomb Raider level in the town of Venice 2.910 1.0 22.05.2002 Download this file
Warriors Of The World Adventure in a high security block 1.730 1.0 23.06.2002 Download this file